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Air The closest airport is the Hokkaido Shin Chitose Airport. Visitors should take trains from there.
Railroad Take the (JR) Limited Express for Asahikawa from the Hokkaido Shin Chitose Airport, and arrive in Bibai city in about 90 minutes.
To Locations inside Bibai Taxis and buses are available in front of Bibai Station to be used according to destination.

BiBai City Profile Introduction

Hokkaido's Bibai City is located at the northernmost tip of Japan. It is a city with a population of some 30,000 people, about 90 minutes from the Shin Chitose Airport by express train or 40 minutes by express train from Sapporo. Bibai is a place with lots of snow even for Hokkaido, and its people are unassuming. One can see a true lifestyle here, unlike sightseeing with the tourist industry. Please come and visit Bibai, a city surrounded by bountiful nature.

One famous site is the Miyajima marsh, a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention Treaty, and each year many tourists visit in spring and fall for it is a migration area of the Greater White-fronted Goose. The One-Million Kite Festival in Bibai is held each year at Bibai's farm-road airport, the Sky Port Bibai. A great number of kites large and small fill the sky in a contest of the townspeople's handmade kites, plus examples of performances by traditional kite-lovers, etc.

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